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Drawing series.

Graphite pencil, powdered graphite on 300 gram Hahnemühle paper



Visual and tactile testimony of the transience and fragility of moments, memory and existence.

Through processes of creation and destruction, construction and deconstruction, concealment and unveiling carried out by the artist in a kind of ritual, the ephemeral nature of life is explored and highlighted. Demonstrating and rescuing beauty in the impermanent.


The materials are taken to extremes, exploring and challenging their limits.

With tied graphite pencils, following the rhythm and sound resulting from their friction on the paper, the artist creates each stroke with both hands (joined) in undulating movements.

Then with his feet he rubs powdered graphite until the lines are hidden under a metallic gray.

Finally, he pours water and with metal brushes washes off the excess and erases the drawing, giving rise to new strokes and new traces, like scars that permeate the underlying layers.


Each faded layer and each erased line represent the transience of our experiences and with this analogy full of symbolism the artist invites us to reflect, among other things, on our connection with the natural environment and on the transience of memory, of our experiences and life itself.

Drawing work
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