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Gonzalo Morales Leiva (1985), Chilean artist, studied Film (Argentina), Analog and Digital Photography (Mexico and Chile) and Visual Arts at Taller Dardo (Chile). His practice encompasses photography, video, drawing, culture and performance, to archive ritual experiences in and out of his studio, in urban and natural environments, where through his body he creates objects and drawings that are in tune with the political contexts of his moment of creation. She has made exhibitions in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, United States and Germany, highlighting her recent performance “Mancharikuy” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has done artist residencies in Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Germany, including his artist residency at GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany and Reset Residency at Fundación Proa, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Morales Leiva's artistic work emerges from a personal approach entitled Methodology to transit from the surface to the body through the materiality of drawing. Based on physical improvisation processes, it explores subjective states where the capacity of response is materialized in sculptural objects, drawings, videos and photographs. The artist induces himself through meditation into trance states to execute drawings with his feet and devices attached to them, using materials such as charcoal and powdered graphite and pencils. She performs actions such as slow walking, rubbing, tapping and dancing on paper, stones and concrete. This work takes place both inside and outside her studio. The actions are assembled using mainly her body as a conductor of new language sig- nos, together with other materials and objects resulting in different types of sound, tactile stimulation, informing through memory and haptic perception, rather than conceptual invention. His creations blur disciplinary boundaries, giving rise to installations that project his multisensory and collective perspective of the work of art, establishing affective and political relationships with the specific contextual realities and the moment of its creation, understood in the present in the face of the social threats of war, ideological, identity and economic conflicts that mark our contemporaneity.

Resumen CV


2021 / Annual tutoring in visual arts at Taller Dardo, Santiago, Chile.

2019 / Laboratory of art criticism and curatorship, Página en Blando Art School, Mexico City, Mexico.

2019 / Diploma in artistic photography, CamaraLucida School, Valparaíso, Chile.

2018 / Diploma in Creation of photographic projects and curatorial solutions, Página en Blando Art School,

Mexico City, Mexico.

2007 - 2011 / Film directing, Universidad del Cine de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Art residencies

2023/ Reset Residency, Fundación Proa, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2023/ Culterim Gallery artist residency, Berlin, Germany.

2023/ LabNL, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.

2022/ Glogauair, Berlin, Germany.

2022/ Creative Nucleus, Regional Government of Maule, Talca, Chile.

2022/ Página en Blando, Mexico City, Mexico.

2021/ Creative Nucleus, Regional Government of Maule, Talca, Chile. 2020/ Cámara Lúcida, Punta de Choro,


Solo exhibitions

2023/ “Mancharikuy”, Performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2023 / “One One One” Culterim Gallery, Berlin, Germany”.

2023 / “Khipukamayuq”, Vorfluter Project space, Berlin, Germany.

2023 / “Flanquear”, Página en Blando Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.

2022 / “It could happen”, Página en Blando Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.

2022 / “A Thousand Fragments of dawn”, Civic Gallery, Curico, Chile.

2021 / “Tactics” Lucid Camera Gallery, Valparaiso, Chile.

2020 / “The truth is a suspended object”, Universidad Católica del Maule Gallery, Talca, Chile.

2020 / “Interrogation” Página en Blando Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.

2019 / “Vanitas” University of Talca Gallery, Curico, Chile.

Group exhibitions

2023 / “Gruß aus Biesenthal”, Culterim Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2022 / “The abstract image”, Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

2022 / “Docum3nta” Futurama Cultural Center, Mexico City, Mexico. 2022 / “Envío 0,1” Gallery Kastanien Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

2021 / “Casi sin Querer” Taller Dardo, Santiago, Chile.

2020 / “Objeto Paisaje” CENTEX Gallery, Valparaíso, Chile.


2024/ Catalog “(Des) Límite: Paisaje Infinito”, Simbiotika Studio in Chaco 14.

2022/ Catalog “Visual Cartography”, Maule Region, Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Chile.


2023 / Curator of “Delineate” Solo exhibition of Nasia Papavasiluou at Vorfluter Project Space, Berlin, Germany.

2022 / Curator of the Visual Arts Catalog, Maule Region, Chile - Seremi de Cultura Artes y Patrimonio Maule Region.

2022 / Curator of “Inmensa Sustancia Pequeña”, solo exhibition of Constanza Albornoz, Estudio Simbiotika, Talca, Chile.

Editorial Photography

2021 / Publication “Ni Talca, ni París, ni Londres”, Metropolitan Gallery - Estudio Simbiotika, Chile.

Artistic Workshops Given

Workshop creation of artist’s digital portfolio “A personal presentation strategy”.

2024/ Municipal Corporation of Culture and Arts, Molina, Chile.

2023/ Autonomous University of Chile, Talca, Faculty of Visual Arts.

Drawing and Performance Workshop

2023/ Página en Blando Art School and Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico. 2023/ Cultural High School, Talca, Chile.


Sculpture and Performance Workshop

2023/ Página en Blando Art School and Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.

Artist talks Given

2023/ Expanded Drawing and performance, Museum of Art and Crafts, Linares, Chile.

2023/ Expanded Drawing and performance, Margot Loyola Palacios House of Culture, Linares, Chile.

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