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Mexico City - Mexico.

March - June 2022. 

For this residency I considered three axes:

The first was to carry out an analysis of the visual characteristics of my 35mm analog photographic archive, with the intention of expanding my artistic experience to drawing. I had never worked in drawing before, but when I saw my photographs I could already sense an interest in this artistic medium. 

The second was to think about everything I do before making a work, such as daily writing, sketches, photography, reading poetry and creating a work that maintained the aesthetics of what is at the beginning of each project and that, once completed The work remains in that place, a notebook, a folder or often a pile of papers.

The third was to think about the phrase “Geometry is an exact shipwreck”, from the poem “Dream” by Enrique Lihn, from the book “La musiquilla de las poorsferas” and understand its relationship with my artistic interests reflected in my photographs, where it is possible see a constant tension between order and chaos, rates of violence in destroyed urban materials and a need for harmony reflected in the composition of the image. Something told me that if I understood that poetic image, I would understand a lot of my own artistic work. 

The result of the residency was the exhibition “It could happen” in June 2022,  where I exhibited twelve drawings of different dimensions, two enlarged photographs on gelatin silver fiber paper and one ambrotype photograph in wet collodion.

Some images analyzed  

Photographic archive 35 mm 2018 - 2022 


Black stone pen on fabriano dotted  paper, 90 grms.
29 x 21 cm 

Black stone pen on paper, 200 grms. 

48 x 35,5cm.


Black stone pen, charcoal, dry pastel black and white on white and black letter paper, 70 grms. 
111,6x86.4 cm. 

Analog gelatin silver print, Ilford multigrade glossy fiber paper, 255 grms.
35,6 x 27,9 cm.